Aesculus Hippocastanum Q
Aesculus hippocastanum Q mother tincture acts on the venous system, especially of pelvic organs and liver. It is indicated in swollen veins around the anus with backache. Aesculus hippocastanum Q is helpful in bleeding and non-bleeding piles with knife-like pains....
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What is MEDIPAN? MEDIPAN is composed of tissue salts. Dr Schuessler’s Biochemic salts have a great importance in homeopathy and are specially formulated homeopathic micro doses which support healing processes in the body by regulating tissue salts level in the...
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Ginseng Organic American (Panax Quinquefolia) Q
Mother tincture of Ginseng Organic American Q (Panax quinquefolia) acts as a general tonic. It is also a helpful homoeopathic remedy for sexual weakness in men. Ginseng Organic American Q boosts immunity and increases resistance to infection. Ginseng favourably influences...
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HR 26 is best medicine for lumbago & backache. Indicated for lower back pain due to vertebral degeneration. Effective in muscles weakness and joints inflammation. Used for backache associated with irregular menstruation & leucorrhea. Helpful in sore back after sexual...
Hydrastis Canadensis Q
Hydrastis Canadensis Q is indicated in weak and debilitated persons. It is used in thick, yellow, sticky discharge from anywhere on the body. This remedy improves liver functions. Hydrastis Q, Mother tincture is helpful in constipation because of poor digestion....
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Masood’s Kalmin Tablets is an effective Homeopathic pain reliever (pain killer) for all kinds of body pains. Masood's Karmin tablets are Indicated for joint & muscular pains KalimN tablets arre effective Homeopathic pain relief tablets for toothache. Effective in reducing...
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