Indicated for the supportive treatment in skin and scalp infections. Effective in scurfy eruption on the scalps and in the face of children. Helpful to palliate acne, skin eruptions and itching. Also covers the hard elevate edges of ulcers, scar...
Ceanothus Americanus Q
Ceanothus americanus Q, mother tincture especially acts on the spleen and liver. It is used in inflammation of spleen with pain in the entire upper region of the left side. This remedy is indicated in anaemic patients Ceanothus americanus Q...
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HR 43 is best medicine for baldness and hair growth. Indicated in alopecia both in male and female. Effective in early grey hairs with crushing headache. Used in hair fall with white, dry and scaly dandruff. Helpful in hair fall...
HR 78 is best medicine for Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Dandruff. Indicated in dry scaly scalp due to dandruff. Effective for hair fall and gray hair. Regulates the secretion of scalp sebaceous gland. Also promotes the hair growth. Presentation: Bottle of...
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