Allium sativum Q
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Allium sativum Q
Allium sativum Q acts directly on intestinal mucous membrane and vascular system. It relieves the cough with expectoration. Allium sativum mother tincture also controls blood pressure. This remedy is also beneficial in the treatment of insomnia. It is used to...
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Indicated for the supportive treatment of cough, cold and catarrh. Effective in dyspnea, pain in chest & bronchitis. Useful in catarrh & rattling cough. Helpful in discharge from nose & throat. Effective for burning in eyes due to cold. Indicated...
Collinsonia Canadensis Q
Collinsonia Canadensis Q, Mother tincture acts on the portal system. It is effective in haemorrhoids with sharp sticking pain. It is used in constipation. This remedy is used before rectal surgery to prevent complications. Collinsonia canadensis Q is helpful in...
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Eucalyptus globulus Q,Mother Tincture is a blood purifier and is indicated in septic infections. It is an anti-hemorrhagic homeopathic remedy. It is used in sore throat; coughing and sneezing. This tincture helps to reduce relapsing fever e.g. typhoid, malaria etc....
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HR 4 is an effective medicine for catarrh, sinusitis, and its related problems. Effective in runny nose, sneezing, and sinusitis. Good in catarrh of the Upper Respiratory Tract. Helpful in nasal wounds. Acts well in dust allergy. Also useful in...
Hydrastis Canadensis Q
Hydrastis Canadensis Q is indicated in weak and debilitated persons. It is used in thick, yellow, sticky discharge from anywhere on the body. This remedy improves liver functions. Hydrastis Q, Mother tincture is helpful in constipation because of poor digestion....
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Kalium Mur Bio Chemic Salt is effective in complaints with white discharges. Helpful in glandular inflammation. Useful in the treatment of all inflammatory or catarrhal conditions. Improves the indigestion of fatty and rich foods. A great skin cleansing agent. Relief...
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