Chimaphila Umbellate Q
Chimaphila umbellate Q acts principally on kidneys, genito-urinary tract and female’s mammae. It is effective in infection of urinary tract. This remedy is used to increases the size of breast. It is helpful in difficult and painful urination. This Homeopathic...
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HR 25 is used for prostatitis & its consequences. Indicated in acute and chronic prostatitis. Effective for Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back. Reduces bladder inflammation and burning urination. Used for Pain in the area between the scrotum...
Pareira brava Q
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Pareira brava Q
Pareira brava Q is especially acts on urinary system. It is used in difficult urination. This remedy reduces kidney and bladder pain. It relieves urinary symptoms associated with prostatic enlargement. This homeopathic mother tincture is indicated in inflammation of urethra...
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Tribulus terrestris Q
Tribulus terrestris Q is indicated in painful and difficult urination. It is effective in reducing inflammation of prostate. This tincture acts as sexual tonic; indicated in complaints after sexual excess. Tribulus prevents involuntary ejaculation and treats impotency.
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