Agnus Castus Q - Mother Tincture
Agnus castus Q, mother tincture acts especially as a sexual tonic. It is also used in complaints after abuse of sexual power. This remedy is used in erectile dysfunction and impotence. Agnus castus q increases milk production in nursing women....
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Aletris Farinosa Q Mother Tincture
Aletris farinosa Q, a homoeopathic mother tincture, has potential estrogenic properties for its use in treating typical female disorders. It is a female remedy for weak, anaemic women with relaxed or prolapse of the uterus. Aletris farinosa Q is used...
from Rs.1,130.00
HR-19 (INFO-F)
HR-19 is useful in female infertility and its associated symptoms. Indicated in habitual abortion and uterine weakness. Effective in irregular, premature, and scanty menses. Used in profuse leucorrhoea & used in stoppage of lochia. Also indicted for hormonal disturbance and...
from Rs.170.00
Masood’s Vil-M is an ideal Homeopathic Sexual Tonic for both sexes (males & females). Vil-M is  Indicated in the debilitated state of the sexual organs. Effective for increasing desire and Sexual weakness. Also used for irritability after coitus (intercourse). Cash on...
from Rs.170.00
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