Most commonly known homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicine, also known as homeopathy, is the medical practice of developing natural and herbal medicines to treat the sick and the ill. The most important concept of homeopathic medicines are to treat the whole body rather than focusing on just the affected organ or body part. Homeopathic medicines are FDA approved and are considered natural because they come from natural sources like minerals, animals and vegetables in nature. The word “Homeopathy” is a Greek origin word which means “like disease”. It means that the treatment of homeopathic medicines is similar to the disease that the human is exhibiting. It never targets just the diseased part of the body but the whole body itself. Here are five of the most common homeopathic medicines:
  • Allium Cepa
Allium cepa is also commonly as red onion. Since the onion is known for causing nose dripping and the tearing of the eyes, it is used to treat diseases like the cold and hay fever. It is typically used for a person whose symptoms get worse in warm rooms and gets better in cold air.
  • Arnica
Arnica more commonly known as the mountain daisy, is famous for its use in sports and first aid kits. It can be used to treat the trauma caused by an injury. It lessens the pain and helps with the healing process.
  • Hypercerium
The medicine is for all the injuries that cause shooting pains. This medicine’s purpose is for the treatment of injured nerves or injured body parts rich with nerves.
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