Some mental issues are found in women very much. We try to know the reasons behind this gender discrimination and we will also try to know how to control them. If you are a female and suffering from unhappiness, depression and anxiety, there is no need to worry because as a large number of women are facing these disorders. “Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “says, Women are nearly twice as likely as men to get an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. How mental health issues affect women overall health Depression The hormone fluctuations that happen with each month's menstrual cycle and certain hormonal disorder may cause depression in females. If you are pregnant and also have a depression, you should immediately consult your physician who may suggest medicines or some kind of therapies for you. Anxiety and certain phobias Though different types of fears are found in both men and women, women have more tendency than men. The phobias and anxiety of men are different from women in many aspects, there may be socio-cultural and psychological reasons for the difference. For example, women and men tend are expected to respond to the fear differently: women are allowed to withdraw and men are encouraged to approach. Anxiety is often the first sign of per menopause. The variation of estrogen and progesterone levels affects both mood and energy levels. Suicide attempts Normally men die four times more suicide than women in spite of the fact that women thought more about suicide than men: In 2015, seven times more women die by suicide than men. Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) Accidents are normal to life; many people are not psychologically impressed. It has been observed that some people are affected by trauma and are suffered from stress Eating Disorders Causing of eating disorders in females include
  • Negative body image
  • Poor self-esteem
Negative body image Poor self-esteem The difference between symptoms in women and men suffering from the same disorder Sometimes there is a difference in the symptoms of women and men despite the same diagnosis and consequently the treatment can be special. For example, a person suffering from depression describes job problems while a woman raises physical issues like insomnia, weakness and fatigue and anorexia etc. Causes of gender differences Biological influences: Hormonal fluctuation is very high in women than in men. Hormonal fluctuation is very high in women than in men and plays an important role in female mood especially estrogen is considered vital in this regard. Socio-cultural influences: Although today women get equal rights to men, the society is still not ready to see them with the same eye. Domestic jobs and childcare are considered the basic responsibilities for women while their dependence status may suffer them depression and other psychological disorders. Sexual harassment Girls are also sexually abused more often than boys this also refers to specific mental disorders towards women. How can you improve your mental health?
  1. Think positive
  2. Write daily happy moments
  3. Make a habit of exercise according to physical health
  4. Eat good and balanced foods
  5. Each menstrual cycle brings changes in the hormonal system, It does not have to be much worried
  6. Explain your positive aspects to others
  7. Trust your skills
  8. Go to bed on time
  9. Be socialize
  10. Express your gratitude
  11. Meet each other and smile
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