7 Most commonly known Homeopathic Medicines

Want to enrich your knowledge about the best most commonly known Homeopathic medicines? You have landed on the right page! Keep reading……. Homoeopathic medicine, also known as homoeopathy, is the medical practice of developing natural and herbal medicines to treat the sick and the ill. Homoeopathic medicines are FDA approved and are considered to have zero side effects, as they are prepared from natural substances, herbs, and plants. Homoeopathy came under T & CM (traditional & complementary medicine), based on the belief that the natural substance was prepared according to the homoeopathic pharmacopoeias.

Here are some of the most common Known Homoeopathic medicines

Allium Cepa

Allium_cepa_most_know_homeopathic_medicines_Dr_masood_homeopathic_pharma Allium Cepa - Dr. Masood Homeoapthic Pharma
Allium cepa, also known as red onion, and the Homeopathic medicine “Allium Cepa” is prepared from onion’s bulb. It is one of the most commonly known homoeopathic medicine & is available in the form of both Homeopathic dilutions & tablets. Since the onion is notorious for causing nose dripping and the tearing of the eyes, Allium Cepa is used to treat diseases like ­­cold and hay fever. It will cure a large proportion of cases of cold in the head, but the conditions which most particularly indicate Allium Cepa is; Cough, cold, and headache that worse in the warm room, better in the open air, and worse again on returning to a warm room. Arnica Montana
Arnica_Montana_most_known_hoemopathic_medicne_Dr_masood_homeopathic Pharma Arnica Montana - Dr. Masood Homeoapthic Pharma
Arnica montana, more generally known as the mountain daisy (also the Wolf’s Bane) is one of the most known Homeopathic remedies. It is quite famous for its use in sports and first aid kits. Arnica’s German name is Fallkraut. Arnica is a highly toxic herb and Homeopaths use it wisely to treat various diseases, including, muscle sprains, acne, bruises, insect bite inflammation, burns, contusion, ecchymosis (discolouration of skin, cuts, and wounds). It is also a proven homoeopathic remedy for sore throat and bleeding. It lessens the pain and stimulates the healing process. Arnica also corresponds to the effects of violent cough or sneezing, the child cries before cough comes on, (or with the cough) in whooping cough. Arnica cures haemorrhages of many kinds; dilatation and rupture of small blood vessels and Hemorrhages into the tissues of internal organs or the skin. Besides availability in liquid and tablet forms, Arnica Montana is also prepared as an ointment for external use. Hence it is also suitable for patients with osteoarthritis. you can buy Arnica Ointment here. Hypericum Peforatum Hypericum is a must-have for any Homeopathic first aid kid. It magically cures the sprains and injuries of the body parts that are rich in nerves, like fingers, spinal cord, tongue, toe, and coccyx. Your finger gets stuck in and door and received an injury? Hypericum is the remedy for you! It also cures the pain that radiates with numbness. Hypericum is prescribed to the patients for treating pains after having surgery. Whether it is amputation, minor surgery or dental surgery; Hypericum is a soothing solution for all such problems. Interestingly, Hypericum is also being used to treat the fears, and depressions caused by any misfortunate accident (post-accident traumas) Hypericum also Prevents lockjaw. It also cures the pain that radiates with numbness and spasms after injury. Has an important action on the rectum; haemorrhoids. Arsenicum Album
Arsenic_album_most known_homeopathic_medicie_Dr.Masood Homeopathic Pharma Arsenic Album - Dr. Masood Homeopathic Pharma
Arsenic album came from a mineral source which is the white oxide of Metallic Arsenic. The Arsenicum patient suffers from Fevers including malaria with anxiety, burning sensation, and thirst for little water. It also treats patients with influenza (Flu), quinine and food poisoning, cholera (Haiza), and diarrhoea. Along with common problems, it can cure the most complex diseases like leukaemia (a disease of white blood cells)

Nux vomica

Nux vomica, nicknamed “poison nut” or Vomiting nut because of its toxic nature. The classic Homeopathic medicine “Nux Vomica is” prepared from its seeds. Stomach disorders, constipation, diarrhoea, liver complaints, piles, sleeplessness, urinary troubles are some of the symptoms that Nux vomica treats well. It is also effective to decrease or completely vanish the bad side effects of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Along with physical diseases, Nux vomica also is also suitable for Irritable and nervous patients with a higher tendency towards quarrelsome behaviours. Nux Vomica is frequently used in Homeopathy to cure different digestive problems like Constipation, diarrhoea, Stomachs’ swelling, ineffectual desire for stools, stitches, and soreness in the liver, and blind Hemorrhoids (Piles or Bawaseer).

Aconitum Napellus

Aconitum_napellus_most_known_homeopathic_medicine_Dr. Masood Pharma Aconitum Napellus - Dr. Masood Homeopathic Pharma
Aconitum napellus's common name is Monkshood. It is the First remedy in cold, catarrhal fever, inflammation, and congestion and in the early stages of bronchitis, pneumonia (Namonia), and influenza (Flu). Patients of Aconitum napellus are possessed with hot and dry skin. The patient is restless, with eyes full of tears, and feels better in the open air. Conditions worse from extreme cold & warmth, with the tendency of elevating symptoms during the night. Aconitum is also used for patients with tensions, fear, and anxiety. Tensions and anxiety are one the major reason for many physical diseases. When prescribed by an expert Homeopath in accordance with the personality and symptoms of the patient, Aconitum may efficiently eradicate many physical and mental problems. General symptoms of Aconitum are acute, sudden, and violent invasion. The patient does not want to be touched. The sudden and great sinking of strength. Complaints and tension caused by exposure to dry, cold weather, a draught of cold air, and checked perspiration.


Atropa Belladonna, commonly known as deadly nightshade is valuable homeopathic medicine to treat Headache, neuralgia, spasms and convulsions, and fever with delirium. Belladonna is always associated with hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, excited mental state, hyperæsthesia of all senses, delirium, restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth and sore throat with aversion to water, neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly (Oxytropis). It is effective to treat red swellings, eruptions, gumboils, toothache, mumps, and inflamed tonsils. Affected parts are usually red & shining and pains are throbbing. Belladonna’s Patient feels a rush of blood to the head, the body is hot but the feet are cold. Noise is unbearable to the patient and he/she startles and frightens during fever. Common symptoms of Belladonna are glaring eyes, excited mental state, hyperaesthesia, restless sleep, convulsive movements, sore throat, dry mouth but with an aversion to water, and neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly (Oxytropis).

What Homeopathic medicines are best for your certain Problems?

Homoeopathic medicines work best when prescribed by a Professional Homeopathic doctor by considering all the symptoms, patients’ personalities, and history. Some of the medicines like Arnica and Nux vomica are prepared from poisonous plants and herbs under strict quality control processes. Self-treatment is never advised and rather prohibited in Homeopathy, like other medication fields. For swift recovery without side effects, consultation with a certified Homeopath doctor is strictly advised.
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